22 August 2013

To Infinity and Beyond ♥

Yesterday was our 6 months together. Usually Chris and I both don’t celebrate our ‘monthsaries’ but we decided it would be nice to have dinner together and relax after a super stressful working day (for the both of us!). We decided to go on a date. As usual, dates with Chris are never complete without good food, and for that night, we had TFI Fridays!

Chris wanted to take me to TGI Fridays because it was close to the cinemas and we were planning on watching a film afterwards. We order less and less every time we dine there. I still remember our first TGI experience, we both ordered one main each and boy, did we regret that! Their serves are huge. Think American and think, Supersize. Well, maybe it’s not that disgusting but it’s still a lot for us considering we both don’t eat that much.

We decided to order one entrée, one main and one drink to share (which we found was still a lot for us!)
Half Potato Skins – This was only half serve!
 Ultimate Jack Daniels’ Burger – I absolutely love the Jack Daniels Sauce!
San Francisco – Chris and I both agreed that this drink reminded us of our childhood lolly days. It tastes like cherry sweets - liquidised.

After dinner, we decided against the movie as I was knackered (I was on-call all night and didn't sleep that much). Chris wouldn’t let me go home though; he said he had one more surprise for me at his place. Because I was so excited (I love surprises!), I kept trying to guess what it was. Chris been super firm and totally not gullible at all, did not give in. :(

When we got to his place, he whipped this little baby out.
Ah, I’m so in love.
We actually went to the shops last Friday and we walked into this little accessory store. I saw this little beauty and I pointed it out to Chris and told him how much I loved it. I decided not to get it though and I actually felt regret after I walked out. So when Chris took this ring out and said he got it ‘because I remembered you loved it’ and ‘it means infinity like our love’, I melted.

I love you so much, B x (I know you’re reading this).
Thanks for spoiling me, you’re my world.
May our love reach infinity and beyond.



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