28 October 2013

Chez Dré

Chez Dré is a café situated opposite the famous South Melbourne market. It’s situated at the end of an alley way and looks like an old factory but the food there is amazing!

Went there on a Saturday with Chris, Cassy and Ethan for brunch before our kayaking adventures.

We were blessed with warm weather that day – it was so beautiful compared to the recent rain that we have been having in Melbourne (what happened to Spring!?)

I’ve been to this café three times now and all three time, I’ve ordered their duck sandwich. Amazzzzing! The duck is cooked so well, it melts in your mouth and I’ve never had bread that has been toasted so well.

Cassy and Ethan shared a steak sandwich – which was also amazing!

I got a karmarama juice which contained 9 different fruits. 100% fruit juice = super healthy

And the others got ice coffee, delicious and perfect for the warm weather. (All three of them drank their ice coffees before I had a chance to snap a pic! )

We also decided to spoil ourselves by ordering 2 desserts between the 4 of us. I’ve heard great things about their desserts especially their salted caramel macaron – so that’s what I chose and it didn't fail to meet my expectations!

And Ethan chose the lychee coconut jelly pudding – usually I don’t like the taste of coconut but it was very subtle and the lychee taste was beautiful!
Look at the detailing! So intricate!

Definitely coming back to try some other desserts! Look at their range. Wooww!

We then walked across the road – partly to help digest and partly to get Ethan some oysters. There’s a few oyster bars there, selling $1 for one fresh oyster. Ethan ordered 12 to share with Cassy. Oyster shots! Not Chris and my thing – we hate raw oysters!!

Chez Dré
285-287 Coventry Street,
South Melbourne, 3205
Victoria, Australia

15 October 2013

Alex's Birthday

Chris has been recommending a Japanese Restaurant called Shira Nui to his friends for a while now. We finally had the chance to go there to celebrate Alex's birthday.

It's a small restaurant so we had to book earlier and thankfully secure the last table for 8!

The food there is melt-in-your-mouth amazing!

Happy Birthday, Alex!
Below is what we ate that night, seriously making myself so hungry now. Definitely coming again!

Was such a wonderful night filled with great food and awesome company! Going to come again to try the teppanyaki bench!

Shira Nui
247 Springvale Road,
Glen Waverley, 3150
Victoria, Australia

06 October 2013


It was my birthday 3 days ago (Oct 3rd). Been busy catching up with family and friends the last few days. 

We don’t really celebrate birthdays in my household (apart from a small dinner every year) but this year I felt so loved on my day. I actually took the day off work to spend with my parents. I don’t have the privilege to see them much lately because all our working schedules clash L
After my wonderful sleep in, I woke up to find two red eggs on the table with a card from the family. So loved 

The weather was horrible that morning so dad and I just stayed at home and watched dramas the whole morning until he had to head off to work. Mum came home about 3.5 hours after that and she took me out to have coffees and muffins. Nice catching up with her, love her so much!

For dinner, my boy planned to take me out on a surprise dinner and he even prepared two gifts for me that night. Was so surprised because he usually finds it hard to keep secrets but I was thoroughly impressed (even though not everything went according to plan). He told me that he was taking me out for a dinner for two at a restaurant his sis recommended to him. I was really excited.

When we finally found parking, Chris was told that they actually gave our table away because we were late (doesn't help when the restaurant don't answer their phones - not impressed!!). I suggested we go to a different restaurant but Chris insisted that we go to this restaurant (even if there was no table for us). I started to think something was up and then Chris finally couldn't hold it any longer so he blurted and told me that my two good friends were there waiting for me!! 


The restaurant - Cookie - ended up preparing another table for us. They seated us in the bar section which was a lot noisier and had no table service but the food was amazing!

I had such an amazing night, haven't been so happy in a long time. Finished the night off with some nitrogen ice cream. Yumm~

Thanks to my friends and family for all your birthday wishes and gifts. I am really blessed to have you all in my life. I love you all very much x ♥ 

Also, special thanks to Chris for spoiling me rotten and planning so much for my day and thanks to Cassy and Ethan for surprising me x

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