30 July 2013


One country that I can never get enough of. I've been to Singapore numerous times in the past and I'm sure there'll be many more visits in the future.
I've walked Orchard Road hundreds of times, picked up all the bargains at Bugis, seen Singapore from above (Marina Bay Sand's swimming pool as well as the Singapore Flyer), been to Universal Studios once when they were still under construction and once more upon completion but something just keep drawing me back. So much so that I'll be back again in January '14

I love you SINGAPORE!   

29 July 2013

Solomon Island Mission Trip

Some photos to sum up our 10 day mission trip to the Solomon Islands. A truly unforgettable humbly experience that taught me to appreciate the people that are in my life. The people of the Islands don't have many belongings but they always have a massive vibrant smile on their faces! I think we all can learn a thing or two from them! 

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit 
- Matthew 28:19 NIV 

27 July 2013

Dinner Date

Went on a dinner date with the bf since it's been a while since we last went out one on one. Initially the plan was to go to Melbourne city to enjoy dinner and a romantic stroll along Southbank but on the way there, the traffic was insane and we were starting to lose patience - everyone else was probably on the way to the footy, after work drinks or to club their working week away!

So we decided to visit one of our all time favourite Thai restaurants - Kunyit (which happened to be located at the next freeway exit after we decided we didn't want to drive all the way to the city - how convenient!)
The ambience of this place adds a romantic touch to your dining experience, the seats are super comfy, lights are dim, food is awesome (!) and their staff are really F R I E N D L Y.

 Their famous Thai beef salad 
one of the main reasons I love this place is they are never stingy with their servings, you truly get what you pay for.

Red duck curry with Roti
To die for. Seriously.

They have a very diverse menu and if you prefer a Vegetarian option or more/less ingredients in your favourite dish, they offer you this flexibility. You can also edit their buffet options (nothing worse than being stuck with something you don't really want to eat.)

I was so impressed with the food that as soon as I arrived home, I gave my parents their business card and take out menu! Will definitely recommend.

KUNYIT restaurant
Greythorn Village
283 Doncaster Road,
Balwyn North, 3104, VIC

24 July 2013

TGIF x Pacific Rim

Chris and I caught up with Cassy and Ethan for the first time in almost a month. Decided to dine at TGI Fridays as you can never go wrong with their Jack Daniels Ribs!

So insanely good!
Their serves are huge and we learnt the hard way last time so this time, we only ordered one serve between the two of us.   

 'Gold Medal' Smoothie - Not worth paying $7.50 for!
Banana with berries, pina colada etc. Wasn't all that special, taste like something my dad whips together to get my brother and I to reach our daily fruit needs. 
 Cassy's half ribs and shrimp
 Ethan's calamari salad
Always eating so healthily 
We then went to watch Pacific Rim - based on its IMDb score of 7.5/10, we decided it would be worth watching. 
Initially, I was a bit hesitant as I had no clue what the film was about and when I found out it would be about giant robots beating the crap out of weird looking monsters, I still wasn't sold.
I decided to go ahead with it though as the others were keen and I guess majority wins, right?
Got to admit, there were some moments where I felt like I could just close my eyes and enter into lalaland but then again, that could be because of my jam-packed working day. I tried my very best to follow - I picked up on the main story line of - Kaiju (monsters!) fights Jaeger (gigantic robots that are controlled by two pilots entering into each other minds).
In the end, it wasn't all that bad!

18 July 2013

A Stroll in the Park

Went for a casual stroll with my camera to clear my mind and came home with some beautiful bright floral photos. I love what my two favourite hobbies - walking and photography - put together can help me produce.

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