26 August 2013

Ten Minutes by Tractor

Chris and I decided to go to a winery known as 'Ten Minutes by Tractor' to spend our Saturday. We have driven past this place many times but have never taken the opportunity to go inside as we thought it'll just be like the many other wineries that we have visited. Wine Tasting and a small store/café linked to it. We thought it would be nothing too special.

We decided we'll visit this time around because we heard some really great (!) things about this place. Chris' mum also recommended it to us after she went for dinner with her friends.

Their menus are seasonal - Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring - with an emphasis on fresh produce, sourced locally if possible. They have their own veggie patch out back and their vineyards are all within a ten minute tractor ride away - hence their name. We researched their chef, Stuart Bell and found that he has won many awards and has previously worked with many Michelin star chefs in the past. We were sold.

We had to book a whole 3 weeks in advance because they were so busy! Even then, we couldn't get a seating for the dinner session so we settled for lunch. Since we knew it was a dégustation menu, we skipped breakfast.

Chris decided to go for the 8 course dégustation whilst I went for the 5.

Here we go. Time to spam the food pictures.

We both started off with the still-warm multi grain bread with olive oil, pink salt and butter.

 Amuse Broche aka the entree before the entree to 'cleanse our palette'
 Trout - cured ocean trout, cucumber puree, horseradish and creme fraiche snow, baby cos, potato salad
 Goat's Cheese - Red Hills Somers Soft, red quinoa, beetroot, avocado, green beans, aged balsamic
 Chef's Selection - Scallops
 Whiting - King George roasted fillet, spinach and fennel, dill gnocchi
 Quail - roasted breast, confit leg pillow, spring vegetables, apple cider and quail consomme
 Duck - breast, sweet potato, cumquat espuma, citrus granola, spring greens 
 Lamb - roasted rump, Jerusalem artichoke, baby leek, pine nuts, golden raisins, leek veloute
 Avant Dessert - A dessert before the real dessert
Carmelised crisp on a vanilla and mandarin custard with pear cubes.
 Chocolate - torte, Michel Cluizel chocolate, raspberry espuma, crispy raspberry canoli, liquorice ice cream
 The amazing view of their vineyard from our table.

Finished off with a chamomile tea to help us digest and not feel to heavy. Really impressed with the food quality and the service. Even their bathroom was amazing, they had hand exfoliate/cleanser, hand cream and individual hand towels. Was tough to pick a favourite dish, the duck and lamb were way up there. Also, because we both have a sweet tooth, we absolutely loved the avant dessert! 

Worth coming again but probably not any time soon. Burn a hole in our wallet. :( 
Thanks babe for spoiling me x

Did I make you hungry? 

Ten Minutes by Tractor
1333 Mornington Flinders Road, 
Main Ridge, 3928, VIC


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