01 August 2014

Of Winds, Rain and Crazy Weather

I can't believe it's already August. Where did all the time fly to?
Only 4 more months and we will be welcoming in the new year!

Lately, I've been finding it very difficult to stop and spend time appreciating the things around me. I use to do that a lot but lately, I rush everywhere and everything is just a routine to me. Sleep, Eat, Work and repeat. I really hate it a lot but I guess that's what work does to you.

I've been really busy at work lately. A few of my colleagues took leave to go holidaying and then this huge tender application decided to come! My balance between my work and my personal life has recently been messed up hence you'll realise I've been missing from a lot of my social media channels lately. I go home and all I think about is this application, I really want down time but I really cannot afford to mess this up! The application is so massive that it can make or break our organisation (not even kidding!) and all responsibility has been placed on my shoulders. Now you know why I've been freaking out?

Also lately, Melbourne's weather has been so crazy! Winds yesterday reached a maximum of 130km/h in some areas. Trees and power lines have been falling everywhere and damaging cars. Even my half full wheelie bin flipped and pour all our rubbish bags all over my driveway #fml. It feels like we're in the middle of some sort of epic storm that has being bringing in a lot of rain - the constant heavy downpour type of rain that makes you want to remain indoors (or better yet, in bed with a hot chocolate)


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