12 June 2014

50 Facts About Me


Saw this tag floating around and thought it would be interesting to do.

For those that read my blog, it'll be a way for you to learn a little bit about me! :)

  1. My name is spelt Joan but pronounced Joanne.
  2. I was born in Kuantan, Malaysia.
  3. I am currently 24 years old.
  4. I have a younger brother who is 3.5 years younger than me.
  5. I live in Melbourne, Australia and have been here since '94.
  6. I have a passion for photography and travelling
  7. My favourite number.
  8. I have been to 9 countries and counting.
  9. Most of the time, I drive with one hand.
  10. I love Korean, Italian and Thai food.
  11. I have a huge(!) extended family. My grandpa on my dad's side is the head of 5 generations.
  12. I have rolled both my ankles before.
  13. I fractured my left arm playing kick ball (I slid into a tree - don't judge!)
  14. I then hid my cast under long sleeves so I could play on my school's Volleyball team.
  15. I love all things Korean - the culture, food, language, dramas, music etc.
  16. My brother once slammed the door on my hand causing me to lose a finger nail.
  17. I currently work a 9-5 office job.
  18. I've had 5 part time jobs in the past mostly waitressing
  19. I can read, write and speak in Chinese.
  20. I use to collect stamps and coins.
  21. My dad once got so angry at me, he snapped my flip phone into half.
  22. I love to bake.
  23. I am a shorts and t-shirt kind of girl.
  24. I prefer flats over heels.
  25. I took singing lessons when I was younger and at the entrance exam, I forgot the lyrics to 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" because I was so nervous.
  26. I am definitely more artistic - but took all Science subjects in high school.
  27. My dream job when I was younger was to be an entertainer or air hostess.
  28. It takes me 40 minutes to drive to work - one way with no traffic.
  29. It has taken me almost 2 hours - one way with traffic.
  30. I find it hard to buy watches, bracelets and bangles because my wrist is so small.
  31. I want to visit South Korea and Bora Bora at least once in my life.
  32. Santorini, Greece should also be on that list but I'm going there this September.
  33. I don't like to do things alone.
  34. I love soccer.
  35. I am scared of heights.
  36. I am a devout Christian.
  37. I am happily taken since Feb '13.
  38. I am responsible for many of my brother's scars.
  39. My dad once ran over my foot with his car.
  40. I got stung by sea lice in the Solomon Islands and it left a scar.
  41. I was a super chubby baby.
  42. I have gone 40+ hours without sleep in the past.
  43. I can crack my fingers and my back a lot.
  44. I am a huge fan of Running Man, I saw the cast when they filmed in Melbourne.
  45. I like to build things and put furniture together.
  46. I also like to take things apart to see how they work.
  47. I took part in a 50km walk through the mountains and completed it in 12 hours.
  48. I am a strong swimmer but only started taking lessons after I almost drowned as a child.
  49. I am the eldest grandchild on my mum's side and the 3rd youngest on my dad's side.
  50. I have a sweet tooth.
Phew. That wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I hope that through this post, you were able to find out some more about me.
I tag:
Michelle from Mishyymoo and everyone else reading this post :) 


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