06 December 2013

December Update

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts lately (again). I found it hard to balance my time with a very busy month last month. Everything happened in November, I got the flu, had two groups of relatives plus one group from my bf’s side visit us, work got busy and amongst all that, I’ve been organising my 6 week holiday to Asia!

Omg, excited!

As we enter into December, I am getting more and more excited about my trip. Partly, to get away from Melbourne’s horrible wet weather (Not even close to summer weather) and partly because I miss my family, very much!
I think this picture from google best describes Melbourne’s weather. Hot one day and raining and miserably wet the next.

This year, I decided to spoil myself and take a longer break. I felt I needed it with everything becoming hectic at work with this new and extremely high scaled project we took on board.

So far, on my itinerary, I’ll be visiting Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong! *cue excited squeals*
Time to begin my countdown – Only 18 days left….


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